Claiming PDUs



All registered attendees are eligible to claim up to 14 PDUs** by attending the 2019 Symposium.

(**NOTE: The number of PDUs depends on the number of sessions actually attended.)



After the event, you may claim your PDUs based on the sessions you have attended.

We want to call your attention to reporting PDUs due to the change to the three category types. Unfortunately, due to the reporting procedures, we cannot upload your PDUs, so you will have to self-report the sessions that you attended.

Please note that any wrong or incorrect reporting of PDUs may result in termination of Chapter and PMI memberships and the revocation of any PMI credential possessed (PMI.org standard warning). All activity codes are set to expire by June 30, 2020, and self-reporting of PDUs must be done by June 30, 2020.



  • Follow the steps below to self- report PDUs at PMI.org for both Day 1 and Day 2.  
  • Please Note:  These instructions will be sent to the attendees after the event.
  • To report PDUs:
    • Login to PMI.org.
    • Click on myPMI > Report PDUs on CCRS.
    • Click on Report PDUs (left hand menu)
    • For the PDU Claim code > click "I have a claim code."  Use these codes for Days 1 and 2.   
    • Enter the session date (10/14/19 or 10/15/19)
    • Check the box stating “I agree this claim is accurate.”
    • Click Submit.


These self-reporting instructions will be sent by email to the attendees. If you do not receive an email with self-reporting instructions of the PDUs, please contact Member Services at memberservices@pmisv.org.