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The PMI Silicon Valley Chapter is pleased to announce its 2024 Annual Symposium.

This year's theme is: “Strategic Project Management in the Age of AI: Navigating Transformative Technologies and Value-driven Practices"


This symposium explores the intersection of strategic project management, AI-driven technologies, and value-driven practices. It delves into how emerging AI tools are revolutionizing project management practices and reshaping the role of PMO. The theme emphasizes the transformative impact of AI on project planning, risk assessment, resource allocation, project reporting, benefits measurements, and communication within PMOs. Furthermore, it examines strategies for PMOs to effectively integrate AI-driven capabilities while addressing challenges related to talent management, ethics, and organizational change. The symposium also explores case studies showcasing the benefits and best practices of AI-enabled project management within PMOs across different industries, as well as the long-term implications of AI on project management roles and processes.

Do you have stories to share about using AI-driven technologies, strategic project management, or value-driven practices? Would you like to share your experiences with like-minded professionals dealing with transformative technologies and participate in an event where you will learn from others who face the same challenges?

If so, please plan to join us as a session speaker at our 2024 PMI Silicon Valley Annual Symposium.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for submission: August 2nd , 2024
  • Selected presenters notified by: August 15, 2024
  • Sample dry run for presentations: Late August, 2024
  • Final presentations due: September 19, 2024
  • Symposium event dates: October 4, 2024
Things to Know
  • Unlocking Value: Embracing AI in Project Management
  • Transforming Practices: AI-powered PMOs
  • Accelerating Agility: AI-driven Agile Transformation
  • Future-Proofing Skills: AI's Impact on Project Roles
  • Data Insights: AI-driven Project Performance Analytics
  • The Evolving Role of PMOs in AI-driven Projects
  • AI Success Stories: Real-world Case Studies
  • Enhanced Decision-making: AI-powered Systems
  • Collaboration Tools: AI's Role in Project Communication
  • Measuring Impact: KPIs for AI-driven Projects
  • Optimizing Portfolios: AI-driven Resource Management
  • Governance Frameworks: Ensuring Transparency with AI
  • Risk Prediction: AI's Role in Proactive Management
  • AI and Agile Project Management: Finding Synergies for Success
  • Creating Flow-based Organizations with AI: Enhancing Project Flow and Productivity
  • AI-powered Process Automation: Streamlining Project Workflows
  • AI-driven Predictive Analytics for OKRs: Enhancing Goal Setting and Tracking

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