Many reasons to attend 2018 Symposium of PMI Silicon Valley Chapter!

Many Reasons to attend 2016 Symposium of PMI Silicon Valley Chapter

Strategic Leadership for Enterprise Agility

Leadership is crucial to project success. The more effective you are as a leader, the more likely it will be that you will deliver results, work with a motivated, high-performing team, and further your career.

The target audience for this event is project and program managers who want to become better leaders and realize increased business value. We will host about two dozen experienced subject matter experts and thought leaders who will be sharing their thoughts, experiences, and case studies. Scheduled speakers for the Symposium include practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds—highlighting effective leadership methods from high-tech, biosciences, IT, construction, nonprofits, and many other project environments. The symposium will:

  • Generate a greater awareness and understanding of leadership techniques for projects and programs.
  • Allow you to network and build relationships with other project leaders facing similar teaming challenges.
  • Spark lively discussions about the symptoms and solutions for dealing with conflicts, motivation, collaboration, communications, and other challenges that will continue long after the Symposium.
  • Provide consistently useful, practical value for your investment.
Four Outstanding Keynote Speakers and Twenty Other Presentations Are Scheduled

Join our Annual Symposium this October, and benefit from the knowledge (and leadership experiences) of our speakers. We are also providing the social environment for your to discuss session concepts with attendees and presenters, making what you hear from our Symposium practical to your organizations. Depending on your role at your organization, there are many more benefits you will gain by joining our event.

Why Attend as an individual Why Attend as a manager Why Attend as a senior executive Why Attend as a PM or a consultant or a Self-Owner
If you are an individual contributor PM/PgM If you are a PM/PgM manager If you are a senior executive If you are a PM consultant/ entrepreneur

Why Attend as an individual  As a Project/Program Manager, you will:

  • Be inspired by our keynote speakers who are knowledgeable leaders and great communicators. You will pick up strategies and can become a better leader at your workplace.
  • Network with fellow participants who come from major companies, nimble startups, and everything in between. You will bring in new practices learned from the next person at the lunch table to prove to your superiors that you are more than just a PM adjusting schedule, scope, and budget month after month.
  • Earn 14 PDUs toward renewing your PMI credential.

Why Attend as a manager As a Manager of project or program leaders, you will:

  • Get exposed to leadership concepts and proven practices to motivate your team and stakeholders.
  • Hear how other PM professionals use leadership strategies to build high-performing teams and inspire cooperation and collaboration.
  • Pick up proven communication practices from speakers and other participants to influence your organization and executives and accomplish amazing results.

Why Attend as a senior executiveAs a Senior Executive accountable for a project or program portfolio, you will:

  • Bring servant leadership to your organization to better support and encourage effective project leadership that increases staff motivation, boosts staff retention, and improves organizational performance.
  • Gather proven best practices in leadership from the sessions and from managers working at the successful companies and organizations that you will meet during the two days.

Why Attend as a PM or a consultant or a Self-Owner As an independent project management consultants or Entrepreneur:

  • Leadership and effective communication are crucial parts of all project management training, problem solving, and consulting. Pick up new ideas to share and techniques to increase your knowledge and value.
  • For the simple price of an attendee registration, you will meet hundreds of individuals from different businesses and roles during the two days, who could become your potential clients.

Here’s a bonus personal reason:

  • Our past attendees have come from successful companies and organizations all over Silicon Valley, including Facebook, Google, Genentech, CA, Amazon, HP (both of them), Visa, Stanford University, Cisco, Apple, Oracle, UC Berkeley, BD Biosciences, NASA, and more… Perhaps the connection that leads you to your next career opportunity awaits you at this event.  Register your seat today!

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