Volunteer of the Month Award

Starting January 2009, PMI SV is selecting a volunteer for the Volunteer of the Month award
for his/her outstanding contributions towards the Chapter's activities.


Month Name/Title Bio Photo

December 2011

 Constance (Connie) Alper-Stillinger

Director Volunteer Operations

 Connie has demonstrated a stellar performance since she took over the volunteer operations in 2011. The chapter activities such as volunteer orientation, tracking and opportunity communication has motivated existing volunteers and attracted new volunteer talent. ConnieAlper-Stillinger

November 2011 

James Peery

Job Broadcast Director

 James took over this year as the main POC for the all job broadcasts that you receive.  He modified the emails to make them easier to understand who to contact.  In addition, he took the initiative to do a "satisfaction survey" of those companies who provided the job descriptions.  We thank him for his dedication in providing this service consistently and reliably. pna

 October 2011

Brendan Kane

Symposium Ops Lead

 Brendan stepped into the role of Symposium Ops Lead mid-way through the preparation for our signature event, pulled together and managed a great team of volunteers for a very successful 2011 Symposium.  And he did this all with a smile.  pna

 September 2011

Rajesh Jaganath
CM volunteer

 Rajesh is an active, committed and quiet volunteer at the Career Management Seminar event over the past 2 years. He is an all rounder at the CM event startig from helping to set up the audio system, work the sign-in desk, refreshment table, etc. One of his primary responsibility is bringing the Samosas (an attraction for the event attendees) from the restaurant. He is also nicknamed as “Life Saver”. pna

 August 2011

Brenda Eberle
Community Outreach

 Brenda has extensive experience with community work prior to volunteering at PMISV and is very well aware of this area's non-profits. She is full of ideas and pays plenty of attention to details. Thoroughly a team player, she is a pleasure to work with, participates in almost all community outreach program interactions and gives her very best. Brenda is our focal point for Openspace Org and Santa Clara Valley Water District and has been solely responsible for the success of quite a few major events. pna

 July 2011

Skip La Fetra
Job Search Breakfast meeting

Skip La Fetra has over 30 years of R&D Management, Project Management, and Quality Management experience in Silicon Valley technology industries, spending most of his career with Hewlett-Packard. He has worked in fields as diverse as Silicon-on-Sapphire integrated circuit development, various forms of Enterprise computing, Product Regulations, and Quality. Until recently, Skip managed software development for HP's personal computer product line, where he founded the initial Program Management organization for the then-startup operation. Skip currently is a Program Manager for HP's StorageWorks division.

Skip holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, is a licensed Professional Engineer, a PMP and a Certified ScrumMaster. He is also trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt process and quality advocate. He delights in leading at the intersection of Development, Process, and Quality.

Outside of working hours, Skip hosts and manages the website for the Bicycle Mobile Hams of America (BMHA), an organization of ham-radio bicyclists. He is active with the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety as an Assistant Emergency Coordinator for SARES, a group of specialists who provide backup communications when needed.


 June 2011

Bruce Marinace
Director of Sponsorship

Bruce Marinace, PMP,CSM is an independent computer consultant with over 20 years of Information Technology and project management experience. He has worked at leading high-tech companies including Intel, 3Com, Hewlett-Packard, SGI, Lucent Technologies, Entex Information Services, Sprint-Paranet, Montgomery Asset Management as well as a number of startups such as Intuit, Healtheon/WebMD, Click2Send, and Respond.com. Bruce is recognized for developing enterprise-wide complex IT projects for new and established companies. He offers technology-based solutions in the areas of business development, financial operations, and organizational improvement. He has held a number of positions as Project Manager, Systems Consultant, and Business Development. Bruce earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Golden Gate University and an Associates degree in Computer Science Programming from Ohlone College. Bruce has been given several outstanding customer achievement awards and was one of the sponsorship members that exceeded sponsorship goals for the PMI SV 2008 Fall Symposium. In the past few years he has raised over 40,000 for the chapter and has been volunteer of the month at least once every year for the past three years. He has received several recommendations from past chapter presidents. BruceMarinace

May 2011

Sherry Remington

PMO Breakfast

Our PMO Breakfast Roundtable is the forum to discuss various issues, problems and challenges related to organizing, operating and managing PMO in any organization. For the past 2 years, Sherry Remington and Francoise Sandroff have been guiding these advanced topics for groups up to 20+ people every month, facilitating through these complicated topics.

April 2011

Francoise Sandroff

PMO Breakfast

Our PMO Breakfast Roundtable is the forum to discuss various issues, problemsand challenges related to organizing, operating and managing PMO in any organization. For the past 2 years, Sherry Remington and Francoise Sandroff have been guiding these advanced topics for groups up to 20+ people every month, facilitating through these complicated topics.

March 2011

Joan Johnsen


For those who have met Joan, our co-Director of Membership, whether through the New Members Orientation or Women’s Forum Christmas gathering, know that she is passionate about project management and our chapter. Joan has been an active and involved volunteer ever since joining PMISV in 2008. She's been Co-Director Membership for the last two years, volunteer for Job Search meetings, organized a Women's Forum Holiday gathering, and helped with the 2009 ballot mailing. Most recently, she helped facilitate our marketing team meeting as we worked on defining our brand. pna

February 2011

Ed Mitchell

Dublin Breakfast

Ed is the host of Dublin breakfast meeting. Dublin breakfast meeting is attended by both PMI SV and PMI SFBAC and hosted 11 times each year. he has facilitated the Dublin Breakfast Roundtable since 2003. He does and outstanding job as a facilitator and has demonstrated an outstanding committment to both chapters. pna

January 2011

Amar Kona

IT Director

Amar started to volunteer for the chapter in early 2010. Since then he has been supporting the chapter’s IT activities with outstanding dedication. As an IT Program Manager, he stepped up to take on additional tasks and responsibilities as Mohan transitioned to the VP of Programs. He continues today leading the IT team and has been the person behind the events calendar and announcements going out on time for the past few months. pna
December 2010

Kala Venkateswaran

Finance Team

Kala is a professional who has worked in the Information Technology consulting and services industry for 12+ years in various verticals including Banking, Bio-tech, Pharma, Product Engineering and MIS. This has given her an opportunity to use different project management methodologies and understand the compliance requirements for various industries. She has worked in e-commerce, BI reporting, web applications and client/server technologies in all phases of project life cycle. pna
November 2010

Marilyn Bloom

Vice President, Finance

Marilyn Bloom, PMP, has 7+ years experience as a Project Manager. She has worked in a broad spectrum of roles, including: Treasury Specialist, Ops Finance Analyst, International Accountant, IT Sr. Business Analyst and IT Project Manager, running the SAP Data Archiving program, during 27+ years at Intel. Her key focus area, in IT, was compliance records management. Marilyn is now looking for a new opportunity to use her expertise. She holds a Bachelors degree in International Business from Linfield College, Oregon. She has worked in Germany, the US and Singapore and managed virtual, cross-functional project teams. MarilynBloom
October 2010

Suresh Venna

Director, Job Broadcast

Suresh Venna who has 12+ years of experience in business, technical, project management, and customer service/relation skills across various industries including healthcare, banking etc. He has been working in different roles based on the job. He does hold Bachelors in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Nagpur India . He is certified PMP and also well aware of the DMAIC processes. He does also have a rich experience working with companies like Cisco Systems, Inc, Zensar Technologies (CMMi 5). He has been a chapter member since 2005 and also a member of other regional organizations like Silicon Andhra etc. Currently he is acting as a program manager (contract) at Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose. SureshVenna.gif
Julie Gordon-Flood    

Olga Vilenski

Program Manager, Career Development Workshop

Olga Vilenski is a pharmaceutical professional with over 6 years of experience in drug research and development.  Olga is PMP certified and has been diligently applying PM tools in drug development setting to make her project successful and, as a result, make a difference for the patients.  A native of Moscow, Russia, she has immigrated to the United States in 1994, and has been calling Silicon Valley home ever since.  Olga has a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and is currently working on her Masters degree in Clinical Management and Leadership. OlgaVilenski

Nicole Kim

Tools & Techniques


Richard (Rick) Mazzerela

Cupertino Breakfast Meeting Host

Rick has extensive PM experience markets ranging from commercial-agile to highly-regulated environments. He has managed product lines with up to $80M/year revenue as Director of R&D, SQA, Product Lifecyle leader and operations-related positions. He has extensive experience turning around challenged programs and product lines via his PM skills, customer engagements, and product/management innovations. He is an earlier developer and practitioner of portfolio management systems to achieve product roadmap and market gain optimums.
Rick’s staff management experience includes managing groups of up to 35 staff, managing multinational development teams, and building/rebuilding product development teams. Rick’s technical background began in the aerospace industry. His software development experience lead to senior positions in systems engineering and, ultimately, project management. He holds a BA in Astronomy from the University of California, Berkeley.
Rick is now at Asyst Technologies; a robotics company in the semiconductor industry. At Asyst Technologies, Rick holds the title of Senior Manager; Applications and Product Support group.


Esther Rodriguez

Evening Program Logistics

Esther has only worked for one company her entire career – IBM. She is in her 34th year of service with IBM. She is currently a Manager of 19 Project Managers. She leads this diverse team of employees to drive complex multi-platform projects, Acquisitions and Divestitures using best PM methodology and practices. They are leaders who have managed highly successful projects, deliver project results and are recognized by the customer as key contributors to the project’s success.
- Drive cohesiveness across several IBM organizations to ensure high quality of services.
- Encourage employees to be innovative, and support ideas that should be implemented.
- Established a department Project Management database with it inherent procedures, plans and records for managing projects In addition she provides WW Due Diligences Services for new IBM Acquitions or Divestitures. Verified and presented accurate information obtained during due diligence for sizing proposed solution and financial viability of the IBM solution.


Carolyn Jay, PMP

Evening Program Logistics

Carolyn's Public Profile on LinkedIn -



Rekha Amble, PMP

Community Outreach

Rekha graduated from Bangalore University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She has comprehensive and successful experience with leading highly competent technical and business teams in the successful executions of medium and large enterprise wide application deployment and systems integration projects for major corporations such as IBM. Her expertise includes managing projects and resources dispersed geographically.
Rekha has been a PMP since 2002. She worked on a project for PMI Education Fund, the scope of which was to define, develop and produce a "Career Day" book defining the project management profession, the individuals working in project management, the various industries using project management and the related career opportunities. It provides a source of information for those seeking entry to their profession and was rolled out at the Leadership Meeting in Baltimore during September 2003.

Rekha has always wanted to give back to the community and so gets involved with local community work and creating awareness among people about programs offered by local utility authorities. On a global level, she has been actively involved with UNHCR- UN Refugee Agency and a non-profit organization that raises awareness about important causes such as global warming, genocide, human trafficking and empowers people to take action. She is also part of an initiative, The Greener Living Project, which is a group endeavor to explore, over a one year period, ways and means to create a more sustainable lifestyle. The members are a diverse group of people who bring to the project different levels of understanding of the issue; they are united by a keen interest in making their lives greener through an informed and systematic approach that also emulates the benefits of healthy group interaction.


Kuntal Thakore, PMP, CSM

Career Management

Kuntal Thakore, PMP, CSM has 13+ years of experience in Software Industry covering areas of Customer Service, Quality Assurance, IT administration and Software Development. Kuntal has managed and participated in IT and Software projects of the size of small team to large corporate-wide projects. He is able to build cross-functional teams, negotiate various levels of hierarchy, and apply his experience to small and large businesses alike. He has strong customer oriented skills and technical development experience to work cross functionally for resolving customer issues. Kuntal holds degrees in Computer Science and lives in California's Silicon Valley.


Maura Fujieh, PMP

Breakfast Meeting Host
Consultant Breakfast

Maura Fujieh, PMP, develops and supports planning and project controls systems for government research programs and projects. She has been involved in the roll-out of several web-based tools to customers in both industry and government. She has overseen the development and implementation of integrated processes and procedures for various projects performing long-term aerospace R&D. Maura has consulted in the area of aerospace, supply chain, earned value management, consumer goods and finance, most often with customers who have large, complex organizations. Maura has facilitated the Contracting & Consulting Breakfast since 2007.


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