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Event Request for Proposal (RFP)


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Event Request For Proposal (RFP)

Use For:

  • PMP Boot camp
  • PMI DA certification courses
  • SAFe certifications
  • One-day and two-day Workshops

We look forward to your proposal.

PMI Silicon Valley invites you to submit proposals to conduct 1, 2 or multiple workshops (on Saturdays and/or Sundays) virtually and/or in-person or remote (virtual) using PMISV Zoom web conferencing tool. 


Following are Terms and Conditions(T&C) for conducting PMISV workshops/boot camps:

T&C-Section 1

  • The workshop is intended to be an educational event, not a sales promotion.
  • Instructor is limited in promoting any product/service associated with the subject matter of the workshop,
  • Instructors should not promote any company they are associated with, and any product/service they personally sell,
  • However:
    • They may reference various resources related to the topic.
    • They may promote and sell any books they have written on the workshop subject matter or related topics; provided the sales are after the workshop has finished and attendees are released.
    • An attendee email cannot be used after the workshop for any sales follow up
    • They may provide their business contact information to the attendees.
    • They may make a short paragraph statement on their business or company in the close of the workshop related to the topic in attendance


T&C-Section 2

Participant Registration –

  • A minimum of 5 registrations is required for the workshop to take place.
    If PMISV does not receive this minimum of paid registrations at close of registration period, the event will be cancelled or postponed. Chapter reserves the right for final decision making.
  • The event will not exceed a maximum of 15 registrations for virtual sessions.
  • The event will not exceed a maximum of 30 registrations for in-person sessions or seating capacity of facility
  • The event will not exceed a maximum of 30 registrations for Hybrid sessions.


T&C-Section 3

The workshop location may have the following available. This needs to be confirmed with the location leader:

  • Overhead projector (WiFi connected),
  • WiFi Internet access (Note: Projector connection precludes internet access),
  • Microphone/Speakers (includes, speaker/computer interface),
  • Dry Erase boards,
  • Easel/Flip chart

If there are additional needs for the presentation which are not in the list above, contact Director of Workshops, in advance of the event. Email:

PMISV Zoom session will be used for virtual sessions. Prior PMISV approval is needed for recording the session. PMISV reserves the right to record.


T&C-Section 4

Honorarium: for one-day workshops –

  • $100 per actual attendee

Honorarium: for two-day workshops –

  • $100 per actual attendee per day

*These honorarium prices are subject to change. Please check with your contact at PMISV.



Honorarium for PMI PMP bootcamp and PMI DA certifications:

  • Provider fees per attendee to be paid to PMI + $100 per attendee. Chapter will provide ATP TT (2) to conduct the training.
  • ATP to provide course materials for two instructors and actual attendees.
  • ATP to provide PMI course completion and confirm 35 contact hours necessary

Honorarium for SAFe certifications:

  • Provider fee per attendee to be paid to SAFe+ $100 per Chapter will provide SPCs (2) to be trainers.
  • Provider to take care of registering the participants and provide course materials for instructors (2) and participants.


PMISV will provide up to two event volunteer hosts for this workshop who may attend partial or full event; NOT counted as paid attendees for calculating honorarium. These hosts will manage the workshop logistics.

PMISV will not pay honorarium / reimbursement / any other damages in case event is canceled whether due to low registration or circumstances beyond our control. PMISV reserves final decision.

An IRS W-9 Form must be submitted to PMI-SV prior to start of workshop promotion.



  • Any hardcopy materials required for the workshop will be provided by the speaker at their own cost or it can be emailed to the attendees, at the close of registration.
  • Travel: Reimbursement of actual cost, up to $250, total. § Receipts required for commercial travel. No reimbursement will be done without receipts.
  • Automotive reimbursement will be based on IRS Standard Mileage Rates, from home or closer, with the fewest miles calculated by Google Maps. Reimbursement will be $0.50/mile if driving.



If you are interested in submitting an RFP, please click the button below to access our submission form.


Thank you,

PMI Silicon Valley