President's Newsletter - May 2018
Fellow Chapter Members,
Warm welcome to the new volunteer leaders and greetings to all PMISV Chapter members.Month of May, I had the pleasure of speaking at an Agile meetup to share my views on Managers transition from Waterfall to Agile. The event provided me an opportunity to bring more visibility to our Chapter and I hope we will few new members join our Chapter. We are working closely with PMI Region 7 leadership to bring more value to our members for both the PMI and Chapter membership. 
We are constantly looking for fresh graduates / students join the Chapter Next Gen Leadership program. If you have ideas or would like to part of the Next Gen Leadership Program please contact me at
Please encourage veterans and active-duty personnel in your network to take advantage of the opportunity to register for the Chapter evening events at no cost. To make this more effective, we are looking for a Veteran to lead this opportunity. Please drop an email to
I would like to share a truly informative YouTube presentation on PMOBOK 6 - you will find this very useful.
All Chapter active Volunteer Leaders, save the date Saturday June 9 for Q2 Leadership Program which will feature Mr. Justin Kappers Senior Director from NetApp (The Data Authority Company), 
As part of the contribution of board member contribution to the Chapter with their dedicated team of volunteer leaders. This month I have Terrie Mui, VP Strategy detail out how her team is working hard to bring value to your Chapter membership. 
The VP of Strategy has a unique role as my team focuses on the future of the chapter.  This covers areas such as knowledge transfer between the incoming and outgoing board members, Leadership Development Program as well as Strategic Planning.  These activities may not seem exciting, although the work creates connections between the past and the future of the chapter.
The Leadership Development Program has five participants this year; volunteers that are interested and committed in taking on chapter leadership roles such as Director of Sponsorship and Director of the Symposium.  We meet monthly to cover topics such as communication styles, team building, and operating a non-profit organization.  The perspectives gained during our meetings, although centered on our chapter, are also applicable to their careers and their companies they work for.  
Another area of responsibility is the chapter large events, such as the yearly Symposium. Held every year in October, this 2 day event attracts up to 200 people, gathering to cover current Project Management subjects such as last year’s “Creating Business Value through Project Leadership”.  This year, our theme is “Strategic Leadership for Enterprise Agility”, where we want to include case studies on Agile at the Enterprise level.  It will be held on October 22 & 23 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The Symposium team is working on looking for speakers and sponsors, so if you have any contacts, feel free to contact me
I’m always looking for volunteers to help with shaping the chapter of the future.  if this is an area that you’d like to be involved or have some ideas, please contact me at!
We continue to see improved attendance at our Chapter events in 2018. Thank You for all the volunteers who are constantly striving hard to put up events that provide value to our members and Project Management community in the Bay Area. 
I encourage all Chapter Members who wish to be a Chapter Leader to apply to enroll in the Leadership program and take advantage of the resources. If you are interested, please send an email to
If you are a past president and interested in becoming the VP of Strategy for the Chapter for a period of one year from July 2018 thru June 2019, please contact me at
I would also like to take this opportunity to request you to join us at our Chapter Events and encourage your Project Management friends to join the Chapter and volunteer.
We are constantly looking for new volunteer leaders and encourage you to submit your application under the “Get Involved” tab on our website’s home page, once you’ve logged in. 
I hope to see you at a Chapter event soon! Volunteer with Passion. Happy Volunteering!
Bhanu M Viswanadha PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
President PMI Silicon Valley Chapter
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